Wednesday, March 21, 2007

2626 S. Scott
Spokane, WA 99203

Second Nature Wilderness School(2N) Senior Instructor September 2001- April 2002, May 2005- March 2006

This school is the most respected and accomplished program in wilderness therapeutic education. Based in the wilderness of Utah, 2N specializes in working with "at-risk" youth. The school philosophy is based on challenging yet supportive teaching techniques to help students reach their potential and recognize harmful behavior patterns. During my time at this school, I gained extensive knowledge and experience working with teenagers and was promoted to senior instructor in 2006. In this role I was responsible for managing a team of staff to safely and successfully teach a small group (8-12) of students in a wilderness setting.
• Promoted to Senior in the winter of 2006, following an extensive review process.
• Created unique teaching approaches to most effectively work with each class and individual student. These strategies depended upon managing group dynamics, environmental challenges and each students way of learning.
• Working with an assigned curriculum, taught students basic therapeutic theory, understanding of communication skills, along with wilderness-camping skills (i.e. primitive fire-making and shelter-building).

Sagewalk Wilderness Therapy School Instructor May 2003- December 2003

A similar school to Second Nature, this program is located in central Oregon. Sagewalk strives to provide an opportunity for students "to learn about the natural environment, wilderness-oriented survival techniques, interpersonal relationships, communication skills, and accepting responsibility for actions."
• Through working with a wide range of challenged students (autistic, violent, abused, raped, suicidal) I developed skills to help teens effectively deal with their struggles and begin to achieve goals towards a healthy future.
• Certified as a "Wilderness First Responder" (WFR) to become lead medical resource in the field.

Queen Anne Community Center (QACC)
June 1999- September 1999

The QACC is an urban facility that provides a safe and structured summer program for children with working parents. The activities range from drawing to sports to weekend field trips.

Hamilton Junior High School
Volunteer Teaching Assistant and Assistant Basketball Coach
Winter Quarter of 1999

Located in Seattle, WA, Hamilton opened its doors as the Seattle Public Schools' first international middle school in the fall of 2000. Its curriculum focuses on academic excellence, global citizenship and world languages.

University of Washington

Bachelor of Arts in "Comparative History of Ideas" (CHID)
An inter-disciplinary degree that is highly regarded by the academic community at the university, CHID aims to introduce students to the interrelation of ideas and society. CHID demonstrates the need to consider intellectual problems from many perspectives. The goal of the program is to provide the tools of critical and parallel thinking to each student.
• Offered position as a Teacher's Assistant after working closely with a group of professors in Rome, Italy.

Additional Skills
• Language: Advanced Spanish certificate earned from the Universidad Javeriana in Bogotá, Colombia.
• Professional Development: Positive Control Systems (PCS) This certificate is provided upon completion of a training course in managing individuals and/or group behaviour in emotionally tense situations.
• Computer: Windows, Office, Word, Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint, Publisher, Basic Website Design and Internet Explorer
• Travel: Since graduating from the University of Washington, I have travelled extensively in foreign countries. These experiences gave me the opportunity to explore different cultures and world perspective. In each country, I have sought to deepen my geographical, historical and political understanding.